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Maintenance Services

GreenLine provides maintenance services you need to keep your building running efficiently without unwanted downtime. Our focus is to take away the hurdles and distractions that equipment problems cause so you can focus on your core business.

Our technicians are exposed to the latest service and maintenance technologies which prepares them to provide the best service. GreenLine Service and maintenance Cover the following:

·         Electrical Equipment, Generators and Motors.

·         HVAC Central and Standalone Equipment.

·         Inside Buildings Electrical, Water and Sewage Networks.

·         Computer Software, Hardware and Networks.

·         Fire-alarm, Security, satellite and Telecommunication Networks.

GreenLine takes a ‘full systems’ approach when developing a service and maintenance program for your facility. Our goal is to implement a program that optimizes the life and efficiency of your equipment and ultimately saves you money,

Runtime Maintenance:

GreenLine offers planned maintenance agreements for all Equipment and Networks. Planned maintenance will keep your systems running efficiently, extend equipment life, and reduce repair bills.

Preventive maintenance:

Preventive maintenance coverage can provide early detection of adverse operating conditions in order to avoid costly equipment failures. The Preventive maintenance program consists of routine equipment inspections based on the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

Full maintenance:

Full maintenance coverage provides all of the benefits of preventive maintenance plus all labor, parts, material and miscellaneous expenses associated with repairing covered equipment. This program allows building owners the opportunity to budget set maintenance and repair costs annually.