About Green Line

About Us
The company serves several sectors in this area, including: - 
Sector agents at the level of Arab Republic of Egypt. 
Sectorof the armed forces - The corporate sector of all kinds - The hospital sector - Sector tourist resorts - hotels - schools - petrol stations - Service sector presidency neighborhoods - Supermarkets and Hypermarkets - Factory sector and do not forget to mention low-income sector , We have high-quality home listings, We also work To supply the best Types of Generalat ,The field which exceed the 1500 item such as : 
All Types of Papers ((hand Roll - CNN Fuld - Coaster - Virgin Toilet - Tissues Trip)). 
All kinds of publications ((Penner and Phenyl and Borcurat courses documentary - And design)). 
All kinds of Jerabash ((plastic bags)), including all sizes printed and gentlemen and first and second degree. And what serves this sector from the industry Dspencerat Egyptian and imported - Dish Foam - Rolls Stretch - Foil - All Types Plastic Of ((bucket - Hurcoppe - Towel -Trchunat - Equipment Cleaning))

Our Mission

To lead the chemical industry in Egypt with the highest standards, ensure chemical industries and consumer care products meet the needs of the community today, and build capabilities to raise chemical standards to meet the needs of future generations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build Total Brand Value by innovating to deliver consumer value and customer leadership faster, better and more complete health services through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation of green line people.


We, the company Green Line chemic Trade and General Supplies provide a comprehensive overview of all our valued customers and knowledge of disciplines company where we experts in the production of all kinds of detergents and disinfectants that serve a large segment of customers inside and outside Egypt Arab We also Mistordn of raw materials from Germany and Producers for more than 55 product serve this sector as we are exporters of more than one country, such as ((Libya - Tripoli - Peni Ghazi - Misurata)) Palestine and other states migraine and saw us all our valued customers excellence in terms of high quality and competitive prices in all markets and because we Nester in the revitalization of manufacturing Egyptian Higher efficiency has been proven that throughout the period of establishment of the company since its inception in 2000 until the day and through our expertise and experience ,efficiency of engineers intense competition, our presence in this area to serve this sector both inside and outside Egypt honorably.


Our corporate structure consists of various departments that contribute to the company’s overall mission and goals.

About Us